Presenters Needed

Our Next NERx will be March 18-21, 2024

If you are interested in presenting a clinic at a future NERx, send us a note along with an outline of your clinic to

We are also looking for layout tours which can be videos, interviews, or a powerpoint presentation. We are happy to help you pull this together, so send us a note and let's get started! Email

NERx is Coming March 18-21

Back by popular demand, NERx, the virtual convention of the Northeastern Region, NMRA, is coming to a screen near you in March. The team is hard at work putting together another fantastic lineup of content, including Clinics, Layout Tours, and Roundtable Conversations. We will also be sharing your work in the Model Showcase and this year we are introducing Tips & Tricks, short video segments showing modeling tips that do not fit into a full clinic.

If you are interested in presenting a clinic or have a layout you would like to have on the layout tour, then please reach out by sending an email to with a short description and we will be in touch!

Monday March 18th Schedule

Monday, Mar 18

Tuesday March 19th Schedule

Tuesday, Mar 19

Wednesday March 20th Schedule

Wednesday, Mar 20

Thursday March 21st Schedule

Thursday, Mar 21

Clinic Highlights

Check out examples of previous clinics. Clinic Lineup

Painting Scale Models

By: Chris Carfaro

Chris will show how he paints, decals, and weathers his scale models.

Building Craftsman Kits

By: John Feraca, MMR

Come learn about building the Cranberry Yard Freight House Craftsman Kit.

Clinic 3

Up On The Roof

By Tom Oxnard, MMR

Tired of looking down on boring roofs? Learn about how to detail them.

Roundtable Highlights

Check out the full lineup of Roundtables on the Roundtable Discussions Page. Roundtable Discussions

Modeling in Small Spaces

Layouts in Small Spaces

Led By: Heath Hurwitz

Join our panalists as they talk about the challenges and benefits to modeling in small spaces.

Women in Model Railroading

Women in Model Railroading

Led By: Michelle Kempema

Here what is new from a growing segment of our hobby, Women in Model Railroading!

Work Crews on your Home Layout

Organizing Work Crews

Led By: Drew James

This panel will talk about how you can achieve your dreams of a model railroad with friends.

Convention Car

Make your own virtual convention car using the decals and instructions provided below.