Clinic Descriptions


By: Erich Whitney, Jeff Gerow, Dave Insley

Time: Sat, Apr 10 2:00 PM

This clinic will be a live discussion about LCC from the perspective of modelers actually using LCC, not trying to sell it. We’ll start out with a brief introduction to LCC, what it is, what it’s good for, and some basic setup, then we’ll take questions from attendees. You can post your questions live during the clinic or you can send them in ahead of time. Send your questions or comments to

Achievement Program Overview

By: Bill Brown

Time: Sat, Apr 10 3:30 PM

Bill Brown, the Region’s AP Chairman will present an overview of the AP program with a roadmap of tips for achieving various certificates in one's quest for becoming an MMR. Bill will share how to best organize one's self to make the job easier, and where to find valuable information. Questions will be taken by e-mailing Bill at both during the presentation and any time Saturday afternoon or evening. On Sunday afternoon, there will be a roundtable panel discussion by several MMR’s from around the Region who will answer the previously submitted questions. The panelists include Bill Brown MMR, Jim Gore MMR, Frank Koch National AP Coordinator, Bob Hamm MMR, Tom Oxnard MMR, and Ed O'Rourke MMR. The email address for questions will be advertised several times during the presentation and during other events Saturday afternoon and evening.

Modeling Vehicles

By: Jeff Hanke

Time: Sat, Apr 10 5:00 PM

This clinic will cover researching, planning and modeling vehicles on your layout. We will cover all types of vehicles, including makes, models and age of your models. We'll discuss setting standards for your vehicle models, as well as covering several brands of model vehicles on the market. Finally, we'll cover some tips to consider as you add vehicles to your layout.

The Old Woman in the New Basement

By: Bill Schneider

Time: Sat, Apr 10 7:00 PM

Researching, designing and building a new prototype-based NYO&W double deck layout. The new layout focuses on the line between Walton and Sidney, NY, including the Delhi Branch. Construction is underway with the lower deck operational and scenery starting.

The Future of the Hobby

By: Brenna Whitney

Time: Sat, Apr 10 8:30 PM

Is the future of the hobby important to you? Can you help involve kids in railroading? The hobby can open many doors beyond railroading including architecture, engineering, carpentry, photography, videography, and so many other fields. You may not see it when children come bounding into your basements, but when you involve children in the hobby, you are shaping their future. For me, the hobby shaped me into who I am, what I study at university, the career I will have when I graduate, and helped me get a $20,000 scholarship. In my clinic, we will discuss ways the hobby can be more inclusive for kids based on experiences from my childhood.

Model Railroad Control / Heritage park Railroad Museum

By: Rich Breton

Time: Sat, Apr 10 10:00 PM

This program features the HO scale 1909 Boston & Maine layout at Heritage Park Railroad Museum in Union, NH. With special focus on how the layout operates using computer control, specifically Train Controller Software, wiring, components used, and how we use it at the museum.

Lightweight modules for the ETE

By: Justin Maguire Jr., MMR

Time: Sun, Apr 11 2:00 PM

This presentation will detail the construction of three new modular sections for the European Train Enthusiasts famed show layout. The viewer will be guided through the process of using various thicknesses of Baltic Birch plywood and extruded polystyrene foam, to a completed fully scenic European waterfront scene. While the final result is decidedly European in flavor, the building techniques illustrated are applicable to any layout in any scale and size.

Achievement Program Round Table Panel Discussion

By: Bill Brown

Time: Sun, Apr 11 3:30 PM

This will be a roundtable panel discussion by several MMR’s who will answer questions previously submitted during the NERx convention. The panelists include Bill Brown MMR, Jim Gore MMR, Frank Koch, Bob Hamm MMR, Tom Oxnard MMR, and Ed O'Rourke MMR.

Coloring Wooden Walls with Chalk

By: Sue Osberg

Time: Sun, Apr 11 5:00 PM

Looking for something different to do with the walls of your wooden structures? Here’s a suggestion: use chalks. Chalk can provide a different sort of look for wooden walls, whether the walls are laser cut or are board-onboard. Using several shades of chalk provides a kind of “built-in” weathered look to the walls or boards. Check out this clinic for something different.

Creating a Timetable: For the AP Certificate and More

By: Jim Homoki

Time: Sun, Apr 11 7:00 PM

This presentation will show how to get started in creating a timetable for your layout that meets the requirements of the AP Chief Dispatcher certificate, along with a discussion on creating a timetable document to be used in model railroad operations.

B&M Passenger Station In Holyoke, Massachusetts

By: James Murphy

Time: Sun, Apr 11 8:30 PM

This lifetime build model is based on research, measurements, photographs, and original drawings of the Holyoke station designed by architect H. H. Richardson in 1887. The clinic covers designing, resin casting, painting, finishing, lighting, and detailing to accurately match the prototype. I’ll show all the techniques used on the exterior and interior of this classic station. The model is the first-place finisher in the Fall 2020 NERx Structures contest.

Building a Portable Power Cab and Decoder Programming Station

By: Ed O'Connell

Time: Sun, Apr 11 10:00 PM

When Ed joined the Rochester Model Railroad Club back in 2010, he became interested in how they used a computer with DCC to program locomotives. He didn’t have a layout at home but wanted to be able to do at home what was possible to do at the club. This clinic will show how to build a portable DCC programming station that you can take with you wherever you go.